Monday, May 19, 2008

morph - support

I mentioned earlier that I had met Guy Naor, CTO and co-founder of morph at a conference earlier this year. I didn't realize he was also CTO and co-founder at Famundo. I had been reading and learning from his rails blog for at least a year! 

Moving to a new platform and worse, to a platform that only just exited Beta, is a hairy experience. We'd deployed a cut-down version of MyTripScrapbook to morph a couple times to make sure we knew what the process was and what issues we'd run into. 

As is typical for a start-up we received word on a Friday that a very promising customer wanted to start trails in earnest early the following week - Monday, actually. We knew that morph's EC2 instances were serving our site pages faster than our VPS and we really wanted the trial to go well. So we decided to move our entire production platform to morph over the weekend. Talk about insane.

Also I was traveling so it was done from a succession of hotel rooms across Colorado.

It took the whole weekend and there were plenty of hiccups. Most were problems with our giant script to move the production database from MySQL to postgres, one was issues with DNS changes,  some were our lack of understanding with morph, a very few were morph issues.

I'll post in more detail about some of these, but a constant thread through all our problems was the availability and helpfulness of the morph staff. My first Help! email was answered in about 20 minutes and they seemed to have a team responding to our issues over the whole weekend, day and night. From the get-go the support staff cc'd Guy and his support manager Ken on every issue we had.

I could not ask for a more helpful support experience. And it has continued ever since then.

We were ready for our new client on Monday morning and the test went well. Not only that but most of our pages get served in less than half the time than before. We do a lot of image processing (Imagemagick) on many pages and the EC2 instances burn through complex compositing faster than my new iMac! and easily twice as fast as our old VPS. 

We are looking forward to scaling with morph as far as they will go.

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